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How to choose a Solar Charge Controller

How to choose a Solar Charge Controller

In an era where alternative energy sources gain more ground, it is wise to learn about them in order to make good use of them in order to cut the costs of the regular means and contribute more towards being environment-friendly. One of these is solar power, which can be utilized via photovoltaic systems. These are battery-based, so choosing an appropriate charge controller is a key factor to an efficient and durable solar kit. What it does is help in protecting your batteries from unwanted damages, replacements, and other costs, as well as ensure that they are properly, fully and safely powered.

How Solar Works Read more: How to choose a Solar Charge Controller

Magic Lantern Has Officially Cracked Into the Canon 5D Mark IV

Magic Lantern Has Cracked the Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon lovers, we have some great news for you!!!. That new 5D Mark IV bought won’t be limited to the manufacturer firmware much longer. Talented hackers at Magic Lantern have managed to break into the new camera.

Magic Lantern Canon 5D Mark IV

Eagle-eyed folks at Canon Rumors spotted the news when it broke earlier on the Magic Lantern forums. Reason to celebrate, although important to note that this is just the first of many steps to come. Working build to come out in a few months at least.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on ML forums for updates and we’ll be sure to inform you here on PetaPixel as soon as a working build is released.

Old Digital Camera HACK for Macro Photography

Old Digital Camera HACK for Macro Photography

As I proceeded with the experiment I discovered that by removing the lens the broken lens error was overwritten. I could still take pictures and video and most usefully about the broken camera was the fact that the inner lens had great magnification which is best used in the users advantage. An old Sony Cybershot(DSC-W1) broken camera was used in this video.

You can no longer manually zoom with this. This only works within a distance of approximately 1-2 cm away from device.

You don’t need to see this if you own a nice looking camera but donations are welcomed. Basic structure of most cameras is quite similar so this video should work on other older cameras. You can no longer manually zoom with this. This only works within a distance of approximately 1-2 cm away from device.

Which Canon DSLR’s can do RAW with Magic Lantern?

Which Canon DSLR’s can do RAW with Magic Lantern?

Interesting times for filmmakers as Magic Lantern enabled RAW functionality for Canon DSLR’s. With fast card interface Canon EOS 5D mark III stands as the most popular RAW shooting DSLR with resolutions such as 1080p and above. Which Canon DSLR’s can do RAW with Magic Lantern?

Other Canon DSLR’s shoot RAW as well! Take Canon EOS50D for example with it’s non-video capabilities which became a RAW beast and was released as far as 2008.

Fascinating Canon EOS 50D an outdated photo camera which we learned of it May was tempered with and now stands as a movie making machine(40D are being made as we speak).

Shown below is a recorded video at 1280x960 Anamorphic lens were used by the creator for image squeezing which later can be released into a dazzling 2560x960 pixel video.

It’s quite the tease for a camera that lacks video capabilities.If you like your breath taken away I recommend downloading the source video.A stunning development going at a remarkably fast pace.

The RAW module used is currently in Alpha stage meaning that stability and other problems are being polished. Most filmmakers see these issues, such as pixel glitches or usability as a minor downfall due to the remarkable pictures they get in return.

Make sure double-checking your footage after shooting. List of cameras that use RAW at the moment, keeping in mind most of them aren’t capable of 1080p(for now) and are in need of a fast CF card in achiving the required writing speed.

The Komputerbay 1000x cards are cheap, but they seem to work most of the time. If you receive a bad card send it back and get a new one.
The Lexar 1000x Cards are most expensive, but seem to work most reliable.
The Transcend 1000x Cards are newer, reliable, priced in between, but some compatibility issues have been reported with some firmwares.

Note: If you would like to install the RAW modules on your listed camera and have questions please consult the Magic Lantern forum as linked.

5 DIY Cameras You Can Build Today

Taking a photo is so easy currently. All you need is a smartphone, a subject, and also the ability to point and shoot. however it wasn’t always as easy. In fact, it's currently so easy that we have a tendency to tend to forget exactly what's happening once a photograph is taken.

The science – the concept of light being captured on film or photographic material through a lens with a really tiny hole (the aperture) – is lost on the purpose and click on, selfie-stick wielding masses. 5 DIY Cameras You Can Build Today Image

Fortunately, many DIY kits exist; part collections, complete with instructions, that designate a way to construct a camera. to get an improved understanding of any method, it's worth spending a while getting to grips with simply how it works, to return to terms with the principles.

Doing so with cameras can nearly certainly improve however you are taking a photograph.

We’ve found some other ways that you simply can build a camera, from pinholes to DIY kits compatible with thirty five mm film, all the way up to digital cameras.

Genuine Fotodiox DIY Lomo Camera

If you've got the time, this Fotodiox DIY lomo camera can take you between and one and three hours to complete, and contains sixty eight items. like all DIY kits listed here, you’ll need to certify you've got some 35mm film already purchased, at the side of a small Philips screwdriver.

Lomography Konstruktor do-it-yourself 35mm Film SLR

Perhaps the foremost impressive DIY camera kit during this list, the Lomography Konstructor comes in an Airfix-style press out frame, which suggests that every part should first be carefully sanded before construction. Read more: 5 DIY Cameras You Can Build Today

Konstruktor DIY Kit

Konstruktor Stickers image I’ve written before concerning what shooting film means to me, and that i nearly always have a film camera in my bag alongside my digital arsenal. I realize it restful. In many ways it becomes one thing of a ritual for me. Advancing the frames. Resetting the counter. Taking my time. Doing my best to form each frame count.

Don’t even get me started on barricading myself within the darkroom for hours on end. i do know that plenty of photographers point out “making” photos instead of “taking” them, but nothing brings that sentiment home on behalf of me more than shooting film. Thankfully, there are legions of photographers out there who still get pleasure from shooting film– even if simply occasionally; which implies that there are still firms line of work to our need for the film experience. One such company is Lomography, a web site dedicated to cameras, films, lenses, and accessories.

I recently had the possibility to create and take a look at their Konstruktor DIY Kit.

Konstruktor DIY Assembly

The last time I built a camera kit, the written instructions were essentially useless, so i used to be very pleasantly shocked after I opened the Konstruktor box and located high-quality, (mostly) easy-to-follow assembly directions. while technically the kit does come with with|go along with|associate with|keep company with everything you wish to put the camera together, i'd recommend ensuring you also have a small flashlight and a tweezers accessible. The spring that connects the shutter mechanism is so tiny and attaches in such a decent place that it’s almost not possible without them, significantly if– like me– you have got massive hands.

It’s price pointing out there that we tested the Konstruktor Super Kit, which has the camera and Magnifying Chimney Hood, also because the Close-Up Lens & Macro Lens kit. All 3 also are on the market individually. while I found the close-up and macro lenses to be nice additions to the kit, it’s really the magnifying hood for that I find to be indispensable. Read more: Konstruktor DIY Kit

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