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Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp 1018-C USB Portable Solar Charger

The Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp USB solar portable charger The Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp USB, solar portable charger powers your electronics any you go off the grid. It's a flexible charging solution, built for use in the difficult situations. When you're prepared to use it, the panels flip out to capture solar energy . This solar charger stores energy to power your portable device wherever you are. If you're preparing for an off-road adventure, this charger gives your device a boost when you most need it.

How This Solar Battery Charger Works and How to Use It

Think of the Amp like a very small solar power plant. It's small sufficient to bring with you on the road, but it includes all the parts needed to accumulate and store power from the sun. It converts natural energy into power usable for many popular electronics. It is compatible with various handheld devices, including many tablets. This USB solar charger sustains enough power to completely charge most smartphones and incompletely charge some bigger devices. This unit: Read more: Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp 1018-C USB Portable Solar Charger

Top 10 things to know about Magic Lantern Hack for Canon DSLR

Top 10 things to know about Magic Lantern

1. Audio Monitoring Canon and knowing that audio is not it’s strong suit we can say that the hack makes things a lot easier. It is extremely helpful to be able to know what is happening in real-time with the VU meters. And these facts make the Audio monitoring my primary reason for trying Magic Lantern.

2. Headphone Jack Another problem that Magic Lantern fixes is the lack of headphone jacks. With the hack you can’t only monitor the audio but also hear it because you can turn the USB port or the remote port into a very well working headphone jack , making it very comfortable to use.

3. Zebras Professional and very cost heavy cameras have them. But a lot of Canons don’t. For those who don’t know what Zebras are , they are a set of visual overlays that show you whetever you are blowing out your highlights or crushing your blacks.

4. Focus peaking Another very useful thing is the focus peaking visual indicator. It has been added ecause many had problems focusing Canon DSLR’s in order to make a perfect picture. So instead of buying other accessories you can just install this hack and also save some money.

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Arduino Solar Charger Controller

Arduino Solar Charger Controller

This new fully integrated solar charger is perfect solution for those wanted to utilize solar panel energy. If you plan to keep your solar energy in battery, this is the right charger to use. Capable of charging Lead Acid battery up to maximum 10A and control load of maximum 10A too. This charge controller is engineered to be durable and high efficient.

The charge controller continuously maintains the correct charge level on a 12V or 24V lead acid type backup battery, such as the 12V 7Ah battery pack, and ensure a seamless power transistion to battery power when needed. Also the charge controller allows maximum solar array current to charge into the battery, and the on board temperature sensor adjusts the charging rate based on ambient conditions.

The control circuit uses a microcontroller with intelligent control system. Charging mode uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for high efficiency. Boost, recovery, and float charging are managed very easy being automatically along with the built temperature compensation to maximize battery life. The battery discharge rate is very accurately controlled, and the over-discharge voltage is continuously modify by the battery discharging rate curve.

Overload, external and internal short circuit, reverse polarity, PV panel reserve current, over charging and discharging protection of course are all built-in. In the event of short circuit or overload condition, the system will be always protected and remain 100% undamaged. Front panel LED indicators show status, and several different working modes may be set by user. It comes with English version of Getting Started Guide in the box.

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Canon Eos 1300D DSLR Camera

Canon Eos 1300D Camera

Canon Eos 1300D DSLR Canon's series of Rebel DSLRs have been the first step or stepping stone for many beginning photographers and now with the new T6 model, the Japanese company has included instant image sharing. The Rebel T6 is Canon's latest entry-level DSLR thrown at beginners complete with an 18MP sensor and built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. The added features will allows users to easily take images and transfer them fast and easy over to a smartphone . In the UK, this is the new EOS 1300D model, taking the olace of the almost old EOS 1200D. Of course, these aren't new features for Canon's Rebel series as they've been already implemented in the Canon Rebels T6. As a smaller, stripped down and cheaper version of the T6S, the latest Rebel camera doesn't include an articulating touchscreen and LCD display window built in the top plate.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera offers a wide range of features including:

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Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D camera

Canon EOS 80D The new camera from canon is going to come out during march 2016 . The EOS 80D is an update to its midrange favorite EOS70D. The new DSLR brings with it a 24.2MP sensor , a nice bump from the 20.2MP EOS 70D. The most impressive part at the new canon is that the number of cross type atufocur points is doubled from 19 to 45. For a better view of the differences between 80D and 70D you can see this specification table :

Canon EOS 80D camera and Cannon 70D Specifications:

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Canon 750D

Canon 750D DSLR camera

Canon 750D Canon 750D is a new entry-level DSLR camera . The “Rebel” is the successor of the Canon EOS 700D which also had a great success in it’s price class. Like all canon cameras , the Canon 750 D is made in Japan . The camera is very good because the auto-mode offers high quality pictures which helps the beginners a lot. The price of the 750D is £599.00 and if you are not sure about the potential of the camera you can take a look at the specifications.

Canon 750 D DSLR camera Specifications:

  • Enable 24.2MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC6 processor
  • Finder penta mirror. Field of view 95%, magnification 0.82 times, the eye point 19mm
  • AF 19-point cross-type. Center F2.8 corresponding dual cross
  • 7560-pixel RGB-IR photometry sensor. 63 zone TTL metering
  • ISO100-12800 (extended with 25600)
  • The shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/4000 seconds (Synchro 1/200 sec)
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • LCD monitor 3 inches 1.04 million dots. Vari-Angle
  • Built-in guide number 12 flash
  • New hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Video Full HD 30fps
  • Wi-Fi · NFC
  • Remote operation by smartphone tablet
  • Battery LP-E17
  • The size of 131.9 x 100.7 x 77.8mm
  • Weight 555g (CPA criteria). 510g (body only)

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