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pcDuino is a small factor mini PC (125mm X 52mm) that runs Linux based operating sistems like Ubuntu and Android.

The pcDuino is a single-board computer like Cubieboard or Raspberry pi, it's include Ethernet, WiF, USB, HDMI, UART and GPIO ports, but it also has Arduino compatible interface.pcDuino-miniPC

The onboard Allwinner A10 CPU It supports 1080P 3D video playback by the integrated Video and Audio Codec.

Out of the box it runs Linux Ubuntu 12.04, or can also run Android ICS, it's up to you.

The pcDuino is a great mix between a Android computer and Arduino microcontroller board at the price of $66.

With the PcDuino mini PC, user could do lots of stuff like:

  • learn programming
  • learn Ubuntu OS
  • internet browsing
  • XBMC based media player
  • play game
  • do it yourself projects
  • Arduino interfacing

pcDuino specs:

  • CPU: 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 / Allwinner A10
  • GPU: Mali 400 core with OpenGL ES2.0, OpenVG 1.1
  • Memory: 1GB DRAM
  • Storage: onboard 2GB Flash, SD card slot for up to 32GB
  • Video Output: HDMI
  • OS: Linux  (Ubuntu), Android ICS
  • 2.54 mm Headers compatible with Arduino
  • Network: 10/100Mbs RJ45 and WiFi
  • Power: 5V / 2Ah
  • Size: 125mm X 52mm

pcDuino-external-power-battery pcDuino-external-power-battery
pcDuino-lite-backview pcDuino-lite-backview
pcDuino-lite-frontview pcDuino-lite-frontview
pcDuino-lite-with-wifi pcDuino-lite-with-wifi
pcDuino-v1-frontview pcDuino-v1-frontview
pcDuino-v1-outputs pcDuino-v1-outputs
pcDuino-v1-sideview pcDuino-v1-sideview
pcDuino-v1-vs-v2 pcDuino-v1-vs-v2
pcDuino-v2-A8-Cortex-CPU-Allwinner-A10 pcDuino-v2-A8-Cortex-CPU-Allwinner-A10
pcDuino-v2-debug-port-pinouts-android-buttons pcDuino-v2-debug-port-pinouts-android-buttons

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