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Samsung Galaxy S5 unlock

This is a quick guide to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile with genuine unlock codes.

For this process you will no need special softwares or any technical knowledge. The whole process takes only a few minutes and after it's completed, you will be able to use your Samsung Galaxy S5 with any carrier around the world!samsung galaxy s5 unlock

Before you proceed to unlock your new Galaxy S5 phone (Warnings!!!):

  • unlocking your Galaxy S5 might void it's warranty
  • unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is an unauthorized process.
  • playing around the carrier lock is risky process
  • I recommend you to proceed at your own risk only!

Samsung Galaxy S5 unlock

  • Turn off your Samsung S5 and insert a SIM card from an another network, other than the one your Galaxy S5 is currently locked on
  • Your phone will ask for an unlock code, will display a box where you can insert a genuine code
  • Insert the code you received from UnlockUnit and press "unlock"
  • After this, your Samsung Glaxy S5 should display " Network unlock successful".

Secret codes for android phone worked on Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • * #1234# to check software version of phone
  • *#12580*369# check software and hardware information
  • *#0228# Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)
  • *#32489# Service mode
  • *#7780# factory data reset Samsung S5
  • *2767*3855# Full factory reset on Galaxy S5

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