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400Plus firmware hack for Canon 400D DSLR (aka. Rebel XTi / KISS Digital X), new tricks for your old DSLR.

400plus for canon 400d / XTiSearching for custom firmwares for Canon DSLR's like Magic Lantern, I found an interesting firmware enhancement 400Plus, which offers additional functionality and capabilities to my old 400D (aka. XTi) camera.

400Plus it works by loading into your camera's internal memory automatically upon boot-up from the compact flash card to enhance the native camera firmware. Is not a permanent firmware upgrade, the original firmware remains unchanged and can easily be removed form the CF card.

After installing the new software on CF card, you can access the 400plus menu by pressing the DP button from the camera main menu. To exit from the 400plus, just half-press the shutter release button.

400plus have a multi-page menu, where each page is dedicated to a certain task:

   - Script page (Ext AEB, Flash AEB, ISO AEB, Intervalometer, Selftimer, Long exposure, Dof calculator)

   - Info page (Release count, Camera body ID, 400Plus version number)

   - Settings page (Language, ISO in viewfinder, Conffig Buttons)

   - Presets page (custom presests)

   - Developers page

To navigate between the pages, use the front wheel or the ZOOM In / Out buttons, to navigate within a page use the UP / ISO and Down / WB buttons, then use the Left and Right buttons to change the value of the selected item.

400Plus for Canon 400D / XTi enhancements

HIGH ISO and Custom ISO values

  - up to ISO 3000 (ISO3200), native ISO of  400D is only ISO 1600

  - custom ISO quickly, non-standard ISO values are software-only

Spot metering mode:

   - spot metering mode from the bigger brother Canon 40D

Extended AEB:

   - Up to 9 shots may be specified

   - up to +-6 EV

   - the camera will take all the shots in a sequence, automatically

   - specify the direction of the sequence

   - 5 shots at 1EV separation

Flash AEB:

   - only the flash exposure compensation will change


   - Camera will take a pictures for each preconfigured ISO values


 - the camera will take photos as many times as configured, with a custom delay between shots, you can use this features to create stop-motion movies.

Self timer:

  - this feature simply adds a custom pause before the camera will fire

Long Exposure:

  - long exposure photos between 15 seconds to 100 minutes.

  - camera has to be in M & BULB mode

DOF Calculator:

  - DOF Calculator can help determine the depth of field of a scene, or the range of distances that will you take sharp images.

If you ar intrested to install 400Plus softare you can downloand from the developers page



canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Config-Scripts canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Config-Scripts
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-DOF-Calculator canon-400D-XTi-400plus-DOF-Calculator
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Extended-AEB canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Extended-AEB
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Flash-AEB canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Flash-AEB
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Hand-waving canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Hand-waving
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Info-Release-Count canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Info-Release-Count
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Intervalometer canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Intervalometer
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-ISO3200-HIGH-ISO canon-400D-XTi-400plus-ISO3200-HIGH-ISO
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Long-Exposures canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Long-Exposures
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Parameters canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Parameters
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Presets canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Presets
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Self-Timer canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Self-Timer
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Settings canon-400D-XTi-400plus-Settings
canon-400D-XTi-400plus-sripts-1 canon-400D-XTi-400plus-sripts-1


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