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8 Creative Camera Hacks In Under 90 Seconds That You Can Try Yourself

Many photographers are using their imagination to make the most interesting photos. It can take a while to focalize the perfect moment, the perfect gesture. There are simple, ordinary things that can transform a photo in a real ‘masterpiece’.

8 Creative Camera Hacks In Under 90 Seconds

Do you want your photos more original, more unique?

It’s obvious, one can come up with its own ideas, but there are some camera hacks that one should know. On the other hand, you can also buy yourself an expensive professional camera. Even though, who can guarantee you the maximum of the photography? /

Peter McKinnon, a known photographer, made some photo experiments. His video is quite short, about 90 seconds, shares 8 clever, quick, and easy camera tricks. McKinnon writes “Most of these items can be carried or found on your person at any given time!” Another positive issue is that you can use this hacks even when you are in the field.

Here is a list of the objects that he uses, a little explanation of the photography process using these hacks. You can also watch his short video.

  1. Belt used as a sling. You suspend you camera in a belt to offer certain stability for steady shots;
  2. A coffee cup holder as a lens hood. Taking photos to your friends while are you at a short coffee should not be a problem;
  3. A lip balm for a dreamy look. This chap-stick is a modern technique. In the past they used to use vaseline;
  4. Wrinkled cellophane as a creative filter. It also help to draw your eye towards a subject;
  5. Sunglasses for a color shift and an interesting look;
  6. A knife that offers you magical reflexions;
  7. A flashlight, even its quite artificial, produces custom flare. You can shine the camera between the camera sensor and the lens to introduce a light leak effect;
  8. Your own smathflare, a similar technique as the flashlight.
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