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Tube pre - 6SN7

6SN7 Audio Tube pre

tube preampThis preamplifier was my first audio related DIY project. It is very simple and easy to build, and does not require too many components. The schematics of the preamplifier is simple and requires two vacuum tubes, a few capacitors, some resistors and connectors.

I found four pieces of NOS (New Old Stock) 6SN7 dual triode vacuum tube, CCCP origin, very cheap, which done their job perfectly.

For better reliability I realized two voltage stabilizers, one for the filament of the tube and one for high voltage.

Tube Preamp

The case of the preamplifier I made it from an old 16-port Allied Telesis brand switch, and I covered it with a sticker with retro design.

The sound with this pre is more vibrant, offers something extra in the digital audio world, CD's sound is similar to an analog source such as a record player. This tube preamplifier also can be used as a headphone tube amplifier.

After some fine tuning, various circuit values, the sound of this pre become very clear and natural. With 6SN7 is very easy to build such a tube pre for your HIFI audio system.

Do NOT attempt to build this project unless you are an experienced in electronics.Tube circuits are using HighVoltage power supplies, present a risk of serious electrical shock.

6SN7 6SN7
6SN7_datasheet_p1 6SN7_datasheet_p1
6SN7_datasheet_p2 6SN7_datasheet_p2
6SN7_filament 6SN7_filament
6SN7_octal sock...
6SN7_octal socket 6SN7_octal socket
6SN7_pinout 6SN7_pinout
6SN7_topview 6SN7_topview
6SN 7_Tube_prea...
6SN 7_Tube_preamp 6SN 7_Tube_preamp

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