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DIY Tools

Parkside belt sander

With a good belt saParkside Belt Sandernder you can do some dirty jobs like: removing paint, smoothing reclaimed lumber that's studded with fragments of nails, sanding a very rough surface, leveling a surface, or freehand shaping and rounding.

You want a sander that can remove a lot of wood fast? Or have an old hardwood floor that needs to be smoothed? If you need to make a perfect curved line, the Parkside belt sander is the ideal power tool for this job.

You can gradually sneak up on a curved line for a perfect fit. On a laminate countertop, make sure the direction of belt travel pushes the laminate down.

When you are using ths belt sander don’t push down on the sander, let its weight do the work. Go slowly, overlap passes and allow the tool to go past the end without dipping. Be careful not to tip the sander or change speed or direction.

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Stihl FS 94

After three years of usage, my old gas grass trimmer definitely died. In the first two years it worked very well, but, after the warranty period expired, the problems started to come... It was a medium budget two stroke grass trimmer from MTD (MTD 790).Stihl FS 94

I decided to replace it with something from Stihl, I heard they do most reliable garden tools (chain saws, trimmers and brushcutters).

If you need help finding the right STIHL trimmer or brushcutter, you can try their interactive product selector here

I analyzed all the models matching my working area (more than 1 acre / ~4.800 square metres), budget and the two finalists were the FS 90 with 4-MIX engine and the new FS 94 with the old two stroke engine. The final decision was for the new FS 94, a professional grass trimmer that combines performance, portability and innovation.

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Einhell RT-CD 14 4 drill

The RT-CD 14.4V  cordless drill is a high-quality and high-performance expert tool for DIY projects. The high-quality 14.4 V lithium-ion batterie have a battery management system for optimum control and long battery life.Einhell RT-CD 14.4 Li

The excellent power transmission of the RT-CD 14 4 drill is assured by the high-power and ultrahigh-torque Johnson motor and a robust two-speed metal gearing with reversing facility.

The single-sleeve drill chuck of the RT-CD 14.4 enables fast tool change without changing your grip thanks to the automatic spindle lock.

Using the precision electronic speed control and a variable torque it is possible to adapt tool performance with optimum effect to the requirements of the material. An powerful white LED light provides optimum illumination of the drilling area.

The high-speed battery charger (only 1 hour for full charge) and the high-quality lithium-ion batterie enable long work sessions practically without interruption. Thanks to the capacity indicator on the battery you can check the battery charge state at a glance.

This cordless drill has one level bubbles on it, I thought it would be great for drilling level holes, it is a feature I have never used, when i could use it unfortunately I forget about until after the drilling is done.

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Black & Decker CD601

CD601 is a very powerful circBlackdecker CD601 Circular Sawular Saw, with 170 mm blade with 55 mm depth of cut. Has dust extraction and safty lock off switch.

This corded circular saw with a 12-tooth and 170mm blade, spins at about 5000 rpm, can make some very clean cuts.

Like most of the circular saws CD601 are suitable for Rip, Cross and Bevel cutting, it can be a very useful tool for your DIY projects.

Removing the saw blade from the CD601:

  • insert a screwdriver into the hole on the blade to prevent the saw blade from rotating.
  • loosen and remove the blade retaining screw, by turning it counterclockwise using the spanner supplied in the box
  • remove the outer washer, remove the saw blade

Installing new blade on the CD601 circular saw:

  • place the saw blade onto the inner washer, making sure that the arrow on the blade points in the same direction as the arrow on the tool
  • fit the outer washer on the spindle, with the raised part pointing away from the saw blade
  • insert the blade retaining screw into the hole
  • insert a screwdriver into the hole, to prevent the saw blade from rotating
  • Securely tighten the blade retaining screw by turning it clockwise using the spanner
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3M Half facepiece respirator

The 3M Half Facepiece Respirator 6000 series offers versatility for many environments and applications like DIY activityes, demolition3M Half Facepiece Respirators, facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, and many more, offering protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors, hazards at concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

You can use togheter with this 3M-6200 (medium size) respirator various type of cartridges and filters. Cartridges are simply twisted on or off of the facepiece.

Are three different sizes available on the market of this respirator:

 - 6100 / 07024, small size

 - 6200 / 07025, medium size

 - 6300 / 07026, large

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