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10W high power led

10watt high powe ledThis 10 watt high power led is ideal for building an DIY led bulb.

If you want to use this 10w led with an 12V (14.4V)  lead sealed acid batterie you wiil nead an DC constant current led driver.

The light of this led is more brighter then an 10W CFL 12v bulb. The generate light is very warm and flicker free.

Great advantage of this 10w led over CFL bulbs is that you have maximum power of lights almost instantly and longer life time.

10watt led


Emitted Color : warm white 1PC

Intensity Typ. : 800-900Lm

Viewing Angle : 160°

Forward Voltage : 9-11V

Color Temperature: 3000-3500K

Ebay price: $4-$5 with shipping

10watt-led-high-power-p1-front 10watt-led-high-power-p1-front
10watt-led-high-power-p2-back 10watt-led-high-power-p2-back
10watt-led-high-power-p3-internal-soldering 10watt-led-high-power-p3-internal-soldering
10watt-led-high-power-p4-size 10watt-led-high-power-p4-size
10watt-led-high-power-p5-soldering-mounting 10watt-led-high-power-p5-soldering-mounting


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