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12v DC CFL Bulb for PV systems

This helical CFL 12v DC bulb (compact fluorescent light) is ideal for small photovoltaic systems.12V-CFL-PV-Systems-3-with-clips

In a small photovoltaic system is absolute necessarily to use 12 V DC bulbs (CFL or LED), due to unjustified losses of energy in the case of using a power inverter 12V DC to AC 110V or 220V. 

If you want to use your PV system for anything other than lighting, e.g.. phone charger, cd player, LCD TV, etc you will need a power inverter (true-sine wave or modified-sine wave).

Also these bulbs are ideal if you are working away from a mains electricity supply, they can be connected to any suitable 12 volt battery even your car battery.

I bought this CFL lamp at 11 USD on ebay, it was specified as having 18 watts, but after measurements proved that has only 8-9 watts.

12v DC CFL bulb


Voltage 12 V (Volts)
Current DC (direct current)
Color temperature 6400K (cool white)
Construction helical integrated
Power 18W
Life span 8000 hours
Measured voltage 12.68V
Measured current 660 mAh (0.66A)
Measured power 8.36W


12V-CFL-PV-Systems-1-box1 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-1-box1
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-2-box2 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-2-box2
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-3-with-clips 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-3-with-clips
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-4-18Watt-DC 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-4-18Watt-DC
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-5-no-socket 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-5-no-socket
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-6-voltage 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-6-voltage
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-7-voltage-with-CFL 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-7-voltage-with-CFL
12V-CFL-PV-Systems-8-current-with-CFL 12V-CFL-PV-Systems-8-current-with-CFL


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