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Cheapest solar charge controller

Cheap solar charge controller 10A 12v / 24VCheapest solar charge controller for your small solar system only for $10.

This solar charger can automatically manage the working voltage of the solar panel and the battery of your solar system. Make sure the rated voltage of the solar panel (pin 1,2), batteries (pin 3,4) and the loads (pin 5,6) are same, and are all 12v or all 24v.

The rated current of the solar panels and the load (pin 5,6) must be less than the rated current of the solar controller (10 Amperes).


 - over-load protection

 - short circuit protection

 - under voltage protectecion for your battery

 - over-charging protection for longer battery life

 - protection from the lightning strike

 - reverse-polarity protection (+,-)

 - suitable for small solar energy systems

 Cheapest solar charge controller under 10$


Open the top of the controller, connect the wires to the terminals of the solar controller according to the diagram on the top of the controller or to the user manual (page2). First connect the "+" and "-" poles of the battery to the 3 and 4 terminals.. If the load indicator (Load LED) flickers once and starts lighting after 30 seconds the battery was correctly connected.

 LED indicators:

The battery is being charged strongly when the "charge LED" is lighting, if it's off means charging stopped; flickering means the battery is in floating charge mode.

When the "load LED" is lighting it means there is output and load can work; if it's off, there isn't output voltage.


 - non waterproof

 - color: black

 - rated voltage: 12V or 24V auto selection

 - rated charging and load current: 10A

 - low voltage disconnect: 10.8V (for 12v systems) or 21.6V  (for 24v systems) 

 - resume voltage 11.8V or 23.6V

 - max. charging voltage: 14V or 28V

 - working temperature: -20 ~ +60℃

 - size: 10.2 * 9.5 * 3.8cm

 - weight: 132g 

Cheap-solar-charge-controller-front-view Cheap-solar-charge-controller-front-view
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-IRF3205 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-IRF3205
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-LM324 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-LM324
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-MCMP12-24-PCB-Rev1 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-MCMP12-24-PCB-Rev1
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB-2 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB-2
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB-3 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB-3
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB Cheap-solar-charge-controller-PCB
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-side-view-1 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-side-view-1
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-side-view-2 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-side-view-2
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-terminals Cheap-solar-charge-controller-terminals
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-user-manual-page1-2 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-user-manual-page1-2
Cheap-solar-charge-controller-user-manual-page3-4 Cheap-solar-charge-controller-user-manual-page3-4

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