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PIR and Light switch for solar systems

The Solar industry now offers a wide choice of products for your home that use the sun's energy, now include PIR sensors so the light comes on as we walk to our door.

This simple device can be very useful in your solar system.12V PIR Light Switch for solar systems

Can be used in for warehouse light, corridor light, basement light.

Has two options during setup, one for light duration and one for the light sensor, through two variable resistors.

Comes with two mounting brackets, one fixed and one movable as shown in the pictures

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are some of the most widely used kind of sensors utilized in houses and companies, mainly for that efficient way they are able to differentiate between your actions of humans along with other types of actions. Persons who're trading during these items must always aim to learn how to maximize their benefits.


PIR and Light Switch


Color: white 

Response type: full-automatic

Installation Method: ceiling type, 2 type of supports

Delay time: At least 16 seconds

Light sensor adjustment

Life time: about 100,000 times

12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_1 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_1
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_2 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_2
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_3-timer-and-light-adjustments 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_3-timer-and-light-adjustments
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_4-connectors 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_4-connectors
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_5-support 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_5-support
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_6-support 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_6-support
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_7-inside-pcb 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_7-inside-pcb
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_8-Inside-pcb 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_8-Inside-pcb
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_9-PIR 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_9-PIR
12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_10_PIR-and-light-sensor 12V-PIR-Light-Switch-for-solar-systems_10_PIR-and-light-sensor

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