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Top 5 World's Most Efficient Solar Cells

TOP 5 Poly-Crystalline solar cells efficiency.top5-solar-cells-efficiency

     Manufacturer of the solar cells    Module Efficiency

1   Solland Solar                               16.00%

2   Soliken                                         15.70%

3   LDK Solar                                    15.67%  

4   Vikram                                         15.63%  

5   A2peak                                        15.50%  


TOP 5 Mono-Crystalline soler cells efficiency.

     Manufacturer of the solar cells    Module Efficiency

1  Sunpower                                     20.40%

2  AUO                                             19.50%

3  Sanyo Electric                              19.00%

4 Jiawei                                            18.30%

5 Idea Solar                                      17.50%

Monocrystalline cells have a higher efficiency than polycrystalline cells due to the structure being made from one large crystal as opposed to many small ones.

Read more about mono vs poly solar panels.

This informations has been collated from public sources such as soler cells online datasheets.

Meanwhile, more efficient models probably have appeared on the market. 

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