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Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp 1018-C USB Portable Solar Charger

The Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp USB solar portable charger The Voltaic Systems 4.0W Amp USB, solar portable charger powers your electronics any you go off the grid. It's a flexible charging solution, built for use in the difficult situations. When you're prepared to use it, the panels flip out to capture solar energy . This solar charger stores energy to power your portable device wherever you are. If you're preparing for an off-road adventure, this charger gives your device a boost when you most need it.

How This Solar Battery Charger Works and How to Use It

Think of the Amp like a very small solar power plant. It's small sufficient to bring with you on the road, but it includes all the parts needed to accumulate and store power from the sun. It converts natural energy into power usable for many popular electronics. It is compatible with various handheld devices, including many tablets. This USB solar charger sustains enough power to completely charge most smartphones and incompletely charge some bigger devices. This unit:
  • Uses solar panels to collect energy
  • Stores energy in a auxiliary battery
  • Outputs power to charge your device
  • Packs away for lightweight storage
In addition to its solar-charging capabilities, this solar battery charger works also as a smartphone battery backup. If you plug it into a computer, the battery regains its charge quickly. This allows us to use the unit as a backup even in places without access to direct sunlight.

Compatible Devices It Charges

The solar AMP battery charger works with several popular devices. It connects with a USB cord to deliver power faster. Below are just some of the devices this unit supports:
  • Apple iPhones
  • Android smartphones
  • Tablets with USB connections
  • Blackberry smartphones
  • Digital cameras with USB connections
    • With the Amp, you can switch between charging at 6V for USB battery packs or 12V for DSLR batteries and other 12V applications. The solar panels plug into the battery to create a charge and, once the battery charges; you can then plug your devices into the battery to use it like a backup. This connection system works as a plug-and-play power system for nearly all of your chargeable devices. Portability and Versatility The Voltaic Systems 4.0W USB portable solar charger handles any situation. The unit comes with weather-resistant panels that deliver high solar-output levels to quickly charge your devices. It takes less than four hours for these panels to deliver enough power to fully charge your phone, and a full charged battery holds enough power for 1 1/2 smartphone battery charges. With that much power, you can use this solar battery charger for afternoon journey or weekend trip.

      What's Included with the Amp Battery Charger

      With the Voltaic Systems Amp solar battery charger, we have everything we need to convert solar energy into usable power, including:
      • V15 USB battery
      • Two solar panels
      • Micro USB cord
      • Protective case
      Whether you use the Amp for everyday convenience or as a backup solution for emergencies, solar panels provide reliable power whenever you're in direct sunlight. Use the Voltaic Systems 4.0W USB solar portable charger as a personal charging station anytime you're off the grid.
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