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Hubsan H109s x4 Pro

X4 109S Pro is the latest FPV GPS Quadcopter from HubsanHubsan H109s X4 Pro Quadcopter

Looking for a good, versatile and of course a cheap quadcopter I found thid new produc from Hubsan.

The X4 109S is constructed using strong PC plastic that has been molded into a lightweight aerodynamic body shell which makes it extremely resistent  and very stylish as you can see in the pictures.

Among the interesting features of this Quadcoper from Hubsan are the Global Positioning System (GPS) with return to home ability and Headless flying functionality.

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Galaxy Visitor 3

Galaxy Visitor 3 from Nine Eagles is a quadcopter that worth buying?

Yesterday I decided to buy a cheap quadcopter. I found Galaxy Visitor 3several quadcopter types and models: for indoor fly, for outdoor fly, with camera, without camera, with gps, without gps, FPV. Most expensive are the quadcopters with GPS and FPV. (First Person View).

You can purchase cheaper BNF vertsion of the Galaxy Visitor 3 here: Buy

I decided to buy a quadcopter with GPS and FPV possibility like the Dj Phantom, but something much cheaper.

Dj Phantom biggest competitors are the: Walkera x350, walkera x350 pro, Cheerson CX-20 and Wltoys V303 seeker.

I accidentally came across this new quadcopter, the Galaxy Visitor 3 from Nine Eaqle it has GPS and FPV capability with a very attractive price, around $200.

Galaxy Visitor 3 has many features as other similar small quadcopter. It can carry a small camera for FPV and aerial photography. Auto return function to the starting point, so you can make it return whenever you want to avoid hitting something and damaging.  But unfortunetly are not using brushless motors.

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10 Years of Arduino

Tomorrow 29th March we will celebrate the Arduino Day! This day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s first successful 10 years.ARDUINODAY 29th March 2014

The arduino is a single-board microcontroller for small DIY projects. The hardware consists of an open-source hardware board designed around an 8-bit Atmel Atmega AVR microcontroller.

An important aspect of the Arduino is the standard way that connectors are exposed, allowing the main board to be connected to a variety of interchangeable add-on modules known as arduino shields (sensors shields, ethernet shields, servo shields, and many custom diy arduino shields).

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Arduino Pro Micro

Recently I got my Arduino Pro Micro, it was very cheap (only $7) I brought it on Ebay. I’ve been playing around with it for the past couple of days as it differs from the Arduino Uno (it is much smaller). However today I managed to solder all the pins to the PCB and made the first tests.

The Arduino Pro Micro is similar to the older Pro Mini, but it comes with the new ATMega 32U4 CPU.

The USB transceiver is inside in the 32U4 CPU, and will add onboard USB connectivity for programing via your computer.Arduino Pro Micro

It has a little bit less connectivity than the bigger Arduino Leonardo: 4 channels of 10-bit ADC, 12 Digital I/Os (5 PWM) as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx.
If you're supplying unregulated DC voltage to the board, be sure to connect to the "RAW" pin not the VCC pin.

The new version of this Arduino Pro Micro it has PTC fuse and diode protection to the power circuit and RX/TX LEDs.

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Horizon H101D1HD tablet review

The H101D1HD is the cheapest 10.1 inch dual core A9 Android tablet on the market, the price is under $200.Horizon H101D1HD review

If you're tablet-shopping on a budget under $200 or looking to find a great deal, this Horizon tablet is the perfect choice.

The H101D1HD has a 10.1 inch sharp IPS screen (1280 x 800), it comes with only one dead pixel. Good performance (A9 dual core CPU at 1.6Ghz) and a microSD slot for external flash memory. It's also lightweight (only 908g) and comfortable.

This tablet comes with an OTG USB cable for external 3G modem, I tested it togheter with Huawei e173 USB 3G modem. (DiGi Net mobil), worked without any problems.

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