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All about Magic Lantern, the best firmware enhancement for Canon DSLR cameras.

Top 10 things to know about Magic Lantern Hack for Canon DSLR

Top 10 things to know about Magic Lantern

1. Audio Monitoring Canon and knowing that audio is not it’s strong suit we can say that the hack makes things a lot easier. It is extremely helpful to be able to know what is happening in real-time with the VU meters. And these facts make the Audio monitoring my primary reason for trying Magic Lantern.

2. Headphone Jack Another problem that Magic Lantern fixes is the lack of headphone jacks. With the hack you can’t only monitor the audio but also hear it because you can turn the USB port or the remote port into a very well working headphone jack , making it very comfortable to use.

3. Zebras Professional and very cost heavy cameras have them. But a lot of Canons don’t. For those who don’t know what Zebras are , they are a set of visual overlays that show you whetever you are blowing out your highlights or crushing your blacks.

4. Focus peaking Another very useful thing is the focus peaking visual indicator. It has been added ecause many had problems focusing Canon DSLR’s in order to make a perfect picture. So instead of buying other accessories you can just install this hack and also save some money.

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Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D camera

Canon EOS 80D The new camera from canon is going to come out during march 2016 . The EOS 80D is an update to its midrange favorite EOS70D. The new DSLR brings with it a 24.2MP sensor , a nice bump from the 20.2MP EOS 70D. The most impressive part at the new canon is that the number of cross type atufocur points is doubled from 19 to 45. For a better view of the differences between 80D and 70D you can see this specification table :

Canon EOS 80D camera and Cannon 70D Specifications:

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Canon 750D

Canon 750D DSLR camera

Canon 750D Canon 750D is a new entry-level DSLR camera . The “Rebel” is the successor of the Canon EOS 700D which also had a great success in it’s price class. Like all canon cameras , the Canon 750 D is made in Japan . The camera is very good because the auto-mode offers high quality pictures which helps the beginners a lot. The price of the 750D is £599.00 and if you are not sure about the potential of the camera you can take a look at the specifications.

Canon 750 D DSLR camera Specifications:

  • Enable 24.2MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC6 processor
  • Finder penta mirror. Field of view 95%, magnification 0.82 times, the eye point 19mm
  • AF 19-point cross-type. Center F2.8 corresponding dual cross
  • 7560-pixel RGB-IR photometry sensor. 63 zone TTL metering
  • ISO100-12800 (extended with 25600)
  • The shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/4000 seconds (Synchro 1/200 sec)
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • LCD monitor 3 inches 1.04 million dots. Vari-Angle
  • Built-in guide number 12 flash
  • New hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Video Full HD 30fps
  • Wi-Fi · NFC
  • Remote operation by smartphone tablet
  • Battery LP-E17
  • The size of 131.9 x 100.7 x 77.8mm
  • Weight 555g (CPA criteria). 510g (body only)

Magic lantern

Magic Lantern Camera app

Magic lantern Canon eosm
Magic lantern is a new camera app made for now just for Canon but it is planed to be made also for other cameras. The app runs from the SD/CF card and gives a wide variation of new features to the camera. It is basically made to use all the potential of a camera. It has a wide variation of features from Audio controls , Movie hacks and Exposure controls to Advanced scripting and External modules. It must be mentioned that the app is free and that it’s being made better and better by every day.

Magic lantern is a very good camera app

Overall Magic lantern is a very good camera app that can be used by beginners and pros and which makes the use of cameras faster and better , and it’s an app with which u can really put your photograph skills to the test.

Magic Lantern Status

First of all, what is Magic Lantern?magic lantern status logo

Magic Lantern is a free open source software that runs from the CF/SD memory card and adds a host of amazing new features to Canon EOS DSLR cameras. Unfortunately for now only Canon users can run Magic Lantern on their cameras.

Features of Magic Lantern:

  • Audio Controls: The tools you need to capture the cleanest sound at the perfect level. Audio meters, manual audio controls, selectable input source.
  • Movie Hacks: Various tools to improve the quality and editing potential of videos. Bitrate control, movie logging, auto-restart after buffer overflow or 4 GB limit, HDR video, advanced FPS control.
  • Exposure Controls: Quick access to various exposure related settings. Zebras, false color, histogram, waveform, spotmeter, vectorscope.
  • Shoot Features: Replace external accessories with built-in features.
  • Fine controls for ISO, Shutter, Kelvin white balance and other image settings.
  • Timelapse: intervalometer, bulb ramping, recording at very low FPS (down to 0.2 FPS), silent pictures without shutter actuation.
  • Focus Tools: Focus tools and custom auto-focus patterns for photographers.
  • Astro and night photography tools
  • For strobists: flash exposure compensation, range up to -10 to +3 EV.
  • Display Tweaks: Adjust the Live View image on screen.
  • Advanced Scripting: Write scripts for time-lapse videos, bracketing, or anything you can think of.
  • External Modules: Easily add new features by loading them as modules from the SD/CF memory card
  • you can read more about magic lantern feutures here Read more: Magic Lantern Status

Magic Lantern 70D donation

Developing Magic Lantern for 70D requires time and money. The ML team started to gather donations.magic lantern 70D

If you are a Canon 70D user and want to use magic lantern on your camera, you can support the ML team and donate them some money here

Once they have an "hello, world!" on 70D, they will start to add all the Magic Lantern features in the following order:  intervalometer, bracketing, RAW video support, exposure controls, audio support.

For those who are asking about port progress and updates, these will be posted on the Magic Lantern forum. Also, I will update my website with all the developping stage of Magic lantern for the Canon 70D.

It's important to rember that there's no estimated date for the the first alha release of Magic lanter for 70D usable by the general public, they are doing this in their free time not like a permanet job.

1200D Magic Lantern

The owners of the new 1200D are already looking for the Magic Lantern firmware enhancements.1200d Magic Lantern

The new EOS 1200D DSLR camera from Canon replaces the old 1100D and sits just below the ultra-small Canon 100D and the 700D.

Featuring an 18.0 megapixels sensor, the camera has a Digic 4 image processor, compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses has proven itself to be a decent performer in previous Canon models.

As there is no touchscreen on the 1200D camera, unlike some of the other DSLRs in Canon's range, including the 100D and the 700D, every function of camera control is done via the physical buttons.

Read more: 1200D Magic Lantern

Dual ISO

The Dual ISO is a real image quality improvement from Magic lantern offered to Canon DSLR Users, firstly only for 5D3 and 7D but now also aviable for other cameras like my 650D.

The “Dual ISO mode” will increase the image dynamic range with up to 14 stops. Dual ISO works by increasing 3-stops dynamic range using a breakthrough technique which basically combines an image at ISO 100 for some of the vertical lines and another at ISO 1600 for the rest of it.Dual Iso with Magic Lantern

Be careful the code from Magic Lantern for Dual ISO changes low-level image sensor parameters. In the technical doc you can see how this method messes with the feedback loop for optical black, it's safe to assume it can fry the sensor or do other nasty things.

Unfortunetly you will have to make some image post-proccesing with tools like CR2HDR.EXE and Adobe Photoshop.

Read more: Dual ISO

Magic Lantern Download

First of all: This Magic Lantern software can damage or destroy your camera, proceed at your own risk only!

Here you can download latest nightly builds of Magic Lantern firmware for: Canon EOS 5D, 7D, 60D, 70D, 650D, 700D and EOS M cameras.Download Magic Lantern here on www.apcc.tk

Magic Lantern main features:

  • audio meters, audio monitoring, manual audio controls, selectable input source, disable AGC;
  • focus peaking, digital, trap focus, rack focus, follow focus and stack focus (macro photography);
  • exposure helpers like: zebras and histograms;
  • advanced exposure bracketing and focus stacking;
  • fine adjustments for ISO;
  • video bitrate control, FPS control, HDR video, movie auto-restart after 4 GB size limit;
  • motion trigger;
  • intervalometer, bulb ramping, bulb timer for time-lapse photography and astrophotography;
  • info displays: clock, focus and DOF info, CMOS temperature, shutter count;
  • flash exposure compensation, range up to -10 to +3 EV
  • many more!

You can read more about magic lantern here

Read more: Magic Lantern Download

Downgrading 650D firmware 1.0.4

Lemon form the Magic Lantern forum contacted the Canon support team, about how the downgrade the latest firmware (1.0.4) on the EOS 650D.

The response from Canon Singapore was not promising for users Magic Lantern: "..they said there wasn't any way to downgrade my 1.0.4 to 1.0.1".


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