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RE: Magic Lantern for 70d

Just got an email  from Waquas: Magic Lantern for Canon 70D


Your site is too good is useful, but as you know Canon release the new Model Canon 70d with Digic 5+, so plz upload Magic Lantern for 70d ASAP.

Many of the user say thanks to you"

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Re: Batterie lp-e8 pour canon EOS 700 D 1120 mAh 7.2v

Email from Hamon (in french)):

" Batterie lp-e8 pour canon EOS 700 D 1120 mAh 7cheap-LP-E8-Replace.2v

Je souhaite commander ce produit ?
Le vendez-vous ?
A quel Prix ?"

Hi, You can buy this battery from ebay here or here, for a price starting from $4.98.

Best regards,

Apcc team

Re: Arduino PWM Fan controller

Email from Marco:

Good Night and congratulations for the Arduino PWM fan controller project.

Could you provide me the file for the manufacture of printed circuit board?

Thank you.


Hi Marco, you can download all the files you need to make this PWM fan controller from my web site here: Arduino PWM sheild

Best regards,

appc.tk team

APCC - IR Arduino DSLR Controller

Email from Roger:Arduino IR Trigger

" How do I purchase one of your APCC kits? and what type of IR triggers would I use with the APCC?..........Thanks.........Roger "


Hi Roger,
Unfortunately if you need an APCC (Arduino DSLR Controller) you will have to build your own!, I don't sell kits or finished products. 
If you need only an IR trigger for your DSRL camera is more cheaper to buy one.

Re: PWM Arduino Tip122

Email from Fran:


I'm Fran from Spain.

I readed your article:  PWM Arduino
And I'm doing the same just with one arduino and a darlington component TIP122 with a 10W led. Arduino is modulating PWM the gate of the TIP and the 10W is connected to 12v, as you did.

Something like this: http://www.foroelectronica.com/threads/920-Dimear-leds-con-transistor-TIP122

But I have a blinking behaviur when the led is modulated with the first 0-25 values, and it is being less evident as the pwm value grows.

There is any way to remove this little blinking in this low pwm modulations. Do I need a component like capacitor?

I'm not an engineer just a fan.

Thank you!

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